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Principals Welcome--Mission Statement--Curriculum--Why Freshman Academy?--Support Staff--PowerPoint



The Freshman Academy is the FOUNDATION upon which the high school is built.  Students will work together with other freshman and individual advisors to facilitate the TRANSITION to high school.  The Freshman Academy strives to give students a STRONG START and a helping hand for the move to the next level in education.

The Academy Benefits:

         Challenge and Accelerate All Students

         Increased Communication Between School and Family

         Increased Communication Between Teachers

         Preparation for Upper Division Academies

         Career and Interest Survey To Meet Customer Needs

         Desired Academy and Career Pathway

         Provide Support For The Rising 9th Graders



“Why Freshman Academy?”

Research has shown that the freshman year for most students can seem impersonal and often the result is a decline in student performance.  It has been documented that the highest failure and drop-out rate occurs in the 9th grade.  One approach to address this problem is to break larger high schools into smaller learning communities that can be more personal and more responsive to student needs.  The FRESHMAN ACADEMY is such a smaller learning community.

Specifically, the Freshman Academy is designed to create an environment tailored to aid in the transition that freshman face when they move from a middle school into a much larger high school.  There are many differences between middle school and high school that students often overlook that can hinder their academic performance and even diminish their overall school experience.

The Freshman Academy is dedicated to educating students about these differences.  Some of this education will involve showing them that credits do count, to get them thinking early about possible careers or colleges, to prepare them to be better learners through note-taking, reading strategies, test-taking strategies, and writing techniques.  Much of this learning will take place in the core academic classes, such as math, science, social students, and English, as well as through the integration of units especially designed for freshman called Academic Enhancement.  These units will assist in students becoming familiar with the “high school experience”.

While the focus is certainly on academic preparation, school is so much more than that.  The Freshman Academy will also involve educating students about employability skills such as organization, time management, punctuality, and integrity as these skills are vital for success in both school and the workplace.

As a smaller learning community that seeks to promote a more personal and responsive environment for freshman, students will be provided leadership opportunities through clubs, organizations, sports, and student government.  Promoting involvement through organizations, as well as both academic and athletic teams in order for students to get the most from their high school experience will also be a priority.

While much of the structure of the Freshman Academy has been established to meet the goals of a smaller learning community, it is expected that the Freshman Academy will evolve to better serve the needs of students.  Part of this change will result from the developing relationships from teachers, students, administration, and parents.  Please feel free to share your comments with the Freshman Academy faculty and staff.




Counselor – Thea Moore
English – Jenny Ham
English – Jarret Holland
English – Pam Michelsen
English – Alese Rocke
Math – John Frohberg
Math - Andy Miller
Math – Gail Palmer
Math - Lisa Sheehy 

Math - Shelly Thompson
Math – Elie Viviant
Science – Jennifer Dickerson
Science – Teresa Leach
Science – Philip Vincent
Social Studies – Tivris Dixon
Social Studies – Rick Howard
ESOL - Nicoletta Freeman
ESOL – Kristy Smith
SPED –Rene Alvarez
SPED - Nathan Hudalla
SPED - Sally Jackson
SPED - Matt Shirley
P.E. - Jennifer Moore

Social Worker – Jarod Anderson
Graduation Coach – Gene Earls
Secretary – Beth Gonzalez





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