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Michael S. Kemp




January 24, 2008


To the Class of 2008:


It is exciting time for seniors at Gainesville High School!  It is imperative each you exercise respect, restraint and responsibility and most importantly… keep your eyes on the prize.  As we enter the final semester, the administration wants to remind all students in the Class of 2008 about several issues directly related to participation in graduation ceremonies. 


    1. Refrain from “Senioritis” – Stay focused!
    2. Double check your graduation status with your counselor.  It is your responsibility.  It is your diploma!
    3. If you are earning credit from an outside agency (college/university/online credit, evening school, etc), it must be transferred to the Guidance Office no later than MAY 15, 2008.  If you anticipate a problem with meeting this deadline, see your counselor today!
    4. Double check ALL deadlines:  financial aide, scholarships, college applications, etc.  Don’t miss out!


    1. You are seniors…you are the leaders of the school…you have the most exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, activities coming up!  However, with that said, you also have the most to lose.  Stay focused on what matters most.  Be mindful of the skill set that has carried you this far…respect, restraint and responsibility.
    2. IMPORTANT:  Participation in graduation ceremonies is an opportunity and a privilege, not a right.  You are only entitled to receive a diploma.  Do not let behavior, or a bad choice, prevent you from participation in graduation ceremonies.  Demonstrate good academic and behavioral choices.      
    3. NOTICE:  A senior violating any behavior code resulting in referral for tribunal will forfeit the opportunity to participate in graduation exercises. 


    1. Graduation Date is May 23, 2008.
    2. Last day for Seniors is  May 16, 2008.
    3. Senior Exams will be May 13th and 14th. 
    4. Caps and Gowns will NOT be distributed to you until you are cleared academically, as well as, financially (debt list, etc).  Caps and gowns will be distributed Thursday, May 15th and Friday, May 16th.  If you are not cleared and issued a cap and gown, you will NOT be permitted to rehearse with the Class of 2008.
    5. Rehearsal attendance is mandatory.  Any cleared candidate for graduation who is not present to rehearse with the Class of 2008 will NOT participate in the graduation ceremonies.  Graduation rehearsal dates a 21st, 22nd (Baccalaureate rehearsal), and 23rd. 
    6. Baccalaureate is scheduled Thursday, May 22, 2008.  Baccalaureate is optional; however, if you choose to participate, Baccalaureate rehearsal the morning of Thursday, May 22nd is mandatory.
    7. GRADUATION TICKETS (15 per graduate) will be given at the end of Graduation Rehearsal Friday, May 23, 2008.   All tickets will be identified by graduate name.
    8. Graduation is a dignified ceremony to honor your accomplishment as the GHS Class of 2008!  The names at graduation will be called in rapid secession this year.  EVERY graduate and his/her family has waited a long time to hear his/her name called.  Each graduate is responsible for ensuring their 15 guests respect the Class of 2008 and do not interfere with a fellow graduate’s opportunity to hear his/her name.  We will all celebrate together at the end as the Class of 2008.  Since graduation is a dignified ceremony honoring you, disruptions will not be tolerated.
    9. Diploma distribution will be immediately following graduation.  If a graduate and/or his or her guest disrupt the dignity of the Class of 2008 ceremony, the graduate’s diploma will be pulled for pick-up at a later date to be determined by GHS administration.  A meeting with the principal and/or designee, as well as, the affected graduate and his/her family who did not get to hear their name called, will be required to receive the diploma.   


Now that all the “formalities” have been addressed, I want each of you to know how proud I am of each of you.  I look forward to sharing in the exciting times ahead!  Keep your eyes on the prize!






Michael Kemp, Principal

Gainesville High School.