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GHS Attendance Policy

Attendance Policies

Student attendance is critical to the attainment of high academic achievement and efficient use of instructional time.

School attendance is the responsibility of both the parent and the student.

If a student is tardy to class by more than fifteen minutes and /or leaves class or campus without permission, the student is considered AWOL.

Students checking into school after 8:25 A.M. must report to the Attendance Check-in Zones for check-in.

Students needing to leave campus during the day must check-out through the Attendance Office. Only a parent or guardian/person listed on the student information sheet may check a student out. Students leaving school without checking out are considered AWOL. Students that drive to school and must check out early must bring a note to the Attendance Office by first period.  The note must contain a phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached for verification of the note.

College Visits (Seniors Only)

Three college visits will be allowed each year. These visits must be pre-arranged through the Guidance Office and must have Mr. Manceís approval. Students are required to bring verification from the College Admissions Office upon returning to school.

Attendance Policy:

 Students are allowed to miss six days per semester. Upon the seventh absence, the student will not receive credit for the class. For nine week classes, students are allowed three absences. Upon the fourth absence, the student will not receive credit for the class.

Procedures for restoring grades are as follows:

All work must be made up within an agreed upon time period between the teacher and the student.

A meeting with the Appeals Committee must be made to request the grade restored. The Appeals Committee is composed of the Leadership Team.

Appeals will be heard at the end of the grading period.

Student and parent must attend the meeting to present the appeal. All documentation must be presented at this time.

The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.

Student will be given a ďNCĒ for the course until a favorable appeal is obtained.


The teacher will only remind the student of the need to file an appeal.

Excessive Absences:

A letter will be sent out to the parents of students who have four absences in a class. A conference will be scheduled with Mr. Anderson or Mr. Earls and the Guidance Counselor. A plan will be devised at this time to address the attendance issue.

State Law requires school attendance for students age 7-16. Students enrolled for the school year who donít attend school for ten consecutive days and who have not notified the school of unique circumstances will be considered withdrawn. If a parent or guardian canít be notified, the student will be removed from the schoolís roll.


Tardy Policy (per class):

Tardy 1-3              Warning/ Teacher Documentation
Tardy 4-5              Saturday School
Tardy 6-9              In School Suspension (ISS)
Tardy 10                Out of School suspension (OSS

Final Exam Exemption Policy:         

Nine Week Course

                                2 Absences and 90 or above average

                                1 Absence and 80 or above average

                                0 Absence and 70 or above average

                Semester Course

                                4 Absences and 90 or above average

                                3 Absences and 80 or above average

                                0 Absences and 70 or above average

In addition, a student may not exempt exams if they have received ISS or OSS for any conduct-related violations.

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