Gainesville High School
830 Century Place
Gainesville, GA. 30501






1.  Shorts/pants/skirts must be secured and worn at waist level. Belts will be required if shorts/pants/skirts are not worn at waist level. Oversized, baggy, “dragging on the floor” pants are not permitted. Torn or ripped jeans, shirts, shorts are not permitted. This includes cutoffs, unhemmed jeans, shorts, pants and clothing with holes or rips. Shirts worn over t-shirts are not coats and are subject to Code of Appearance requirements. If sweatshirt or sweater is banded at the waist, it must fit properly-not long and baggy.

2.  T-shirts featuring material pertaining to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sexually explicit acts, violence, weapons, cults, gang activity, or inappropriate messages are not permitted as well as t-shirts intended to be worn as undershirts.

3.  *Overly tight, revealing, immodest, and/or distracting apparel is not permitted.

4.  Revealing clothing, such as halter tops, tank tops, crop tops, “see through” over blouses, spaghetti straps, cutout shirts, and midriff shirts, are not permitted. Underwear, such as undershirts, boxer shorts, and bras, are not permitted to be seen under regular clothing and not permitted as outerwear. Hemmed sleeveless shirts, not in violation of above listed requirements, may be worn.

5.  Shorts/dresses, skirts must be at least a mid-thigh minimum length and no shorter than 4” above the top of the knee. Lycra/stretch shirts, pants and skirts are not permitted.

6.  Jogging, athletic, i.e., jersey and nylon, bicycling, and swim apparel are not appropriate in the classroom. GHS athletic-issued jerseys/uniforms will be permitted for wear on game days.

7.  Gym clothes are permitted in the gym and P.E. areas only.

8.  Shoes must be appropriately worn for school.  Bedroom shoes and bedroom slippers are not permitted. Steel-toed shoes/boots are not permitted. If determined to be a safety factor, platform and very high heels may be prohibited.

9.  Unnatural hair coloring, that not within the spectrum of human hair coloring, will not be permitted. Hairstyles, which cause a distraction, will not be permitted.

10. Head coverings, included but not limited to caps, hats, hair wraps/stockings/scarves, bandannas, sweat bands, hair curlers, hair picks, are not permitted on campus. Sunglasses may not be worn inside the facility.

11. Jewelry or similar objects that are distracting, dangerous, and/or can be used as weapons, including dog chains, choker chains, wallet chains are not permitted. Pierced jewelry considered distracting and/or dangerous to the health of our students is not permitted.

12. All prescriptive eyewear must be appropriate for the school environment. Eyewear (contact lenses) designed for the purpose of attracting attention and/or creates a distraction to the education environment will not be permitted.


*Words such as inappropriate, distracting, overly tight, baggy, dangerous, revealing, immodest, etc., are subjective by nature. The school must retain the authority to make these judgments. The Gainesville High School Appearance Code Committee and the administration reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of apparel to be worn at our school. Our interpretation of an infraction of one of the rules is often not the same as the student’s. We will always be available to hear from parents who disagree with our decision and ask for your cooperation in not sending a student back to school with the same or similar violation after they have been cited. This will assist us in preparing your student to enter the work force and become productive members of our society.

 2009-2010 Gainesville High School