Gainesville High School
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About Us






Vision:  Excellence for All

Our vision of Excellence for All encompasses students, staff, parents, and community as we work together to promote life-long learning.  Gainesville City School Systemís recognition as the model system for the State of Georgia, committed to excellence for all students, is a driving force in every facet of our educational program.  We are committed to competency-based instruction, communicated openly and honestly, and delivered in a disciplined learning environment to produce self-reliant individuals.



The mission of Gainesville High School is to promote life-long learning, citizenship, and responsibility by providing challenging programs of study and activities in a nurturing learning environment while encouraging unity among diverse cultures and involving all stakeholders in the achievement of school goals. 



We believe the following statement to be true about Gainesville High School and our mission as educators:

*Learning is a continuous and rewarding process and is the priority of this school.

*The learning needs of students will be the primary focus of all decision making and will be data   driven.

*The school will provide a safe and comfortable environment that promotes student learning.

*Students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community jointly share the responsibility for advancing the schoolís mission.

*Students learn in different ways and should be provided with both differentiated instructional strategies and assessments to support their learning styles.

*Technologically enhanced instruction will improve student learning. Gainesville Laptop Initiative encourages the use of laptop computers by all students.   

*Students will apply their learning in meaningful contexts, utilizing integrated learning experiences through a carefully designed curriculum- Understanding by Design.

*Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual needs. Special services and resources will be provided according to the studentsí needs.

*The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if Gainesville High School is to meet its goal of 95% passing Annual Yearly Progress indicators with at least 75% exceeding standards and 100% caring from our staff. 

*Education will be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of students, community, and society.

 2009-2010 Gainesville High School