I am glad you have decided to take a look at the many things happening at Gainesville High School. Gainesville High continues to be one of the most sought after schools in North Georgia. We have an excellent reputation in preparing our students for the future, we use exclusively high-quality materials, best writing services such as https://bestwritingservice.com/ and modern methodology in the educational process. Our students perform at a high level in area colleges and technical schools. We have a very supportive community that places a high priority on education. Our School Board of Education demands nothing but the best from our teachers and staff. Our Administration is very sensitive to the needs of our students and this community. Our school takes pride in the many groups of diversity. We celebrate our diversity; we believe it is one of the many things that make Gainesville High a special place. I am proud to serve as Principal of this fine well rounded school. If you are looking for a place to challenge you in all aspects of school life, look no further.

Go Big Red!

Chris Mance

Principal, Gainesville High School




  Gainesville High School